Lyndsey Paige Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lyndsey Paige Photography (Lyndsey Paige Photography) Tue, 22 Aug 2017 21:46:00 GMT Tue, 22 Aug 2017 21:46:00 GMT Lyndsey Paige Photography: Blog 120 120 Eli | Potosi High School Eli is one of those kids that is on a completely whole new level of cool. Like one that I strive to be on. But, I think I liked the fact that he wanted the pictures to reflect him the most. He didn't bring a whole wardrobe of clothes that he never wore. He brought his favorite t-shirts and a sweet pair of Converse. He even brought his pineapple hat which I loved! That's what senior pictures are all about. They're about expressing yourself and showing off your own personality. Thank you Eli for putting up with me, my horrible jokes, and all the posing! Good luck on the rest of your Senior year! 


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Mitch & Meredith | Married! Where do I even begin with this beautiful wedding? I guess I will start back when I met Mitch and Meredith at a wedding I photographed last year in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Shortly after, I traveled to Ames to meet with them for engagement pictures. It was there I realized just how great Mitch and Meredith were. They are that timeless type of couple that you hear and read about. I mean even to the point that when I was editing their images I noticed that my black & white preset matched their style perfectly. Their whole day was amazing. Everything from the ceremony to the weather. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Thank you Mitch and Meredith so much for allowing me to get to be a part of your special day. I also want to thank everyone who made me feel so welcomed and at home! I love my Iowa friends and I look forward to coming back to Ames! 


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Haley & Luke | Maternity Maternity sessions aren't something that I photograph often but they're so special. I can always know when I book a maternity session that amazing images will come from it. And I don't always blog maternity sessions, but when they look as good as these do you cant help but share them all. Haley and Luke are so amazing together and I know they are going to be amazing parent to Mr. Hank. I can't wait to meet him! Thank you Haley and Luke for having me take your pictures! They look amazing! 


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Emily & Jake | Engaged! Emily and Jake are engaged! Ahhh! I had the privilege of photographing these two last winter and I knew then that these two were meant for each other. They are so much fun to be around! Their engagement session made me super excited for their wedding. She has filled me in on some of her ideas and it is going to be absolutely amazing! When she told me she wanted to do the session around the old covered bridge I just knew they would turn out great. But they totally turned out better than I expected! I am so in love with their session. Thank you both for having me as your photographer! I can't wait for the big day!

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Mackenzie | Potosi High School I am so fortunate to get to spend my evenings with such amazing Seniors like Mackenzie. We met last week on what was one of the hottest days to start the session. Summer isn't one of my favorite seasons but nothing beats taking pictures in the water! I had such a great time photographing Mackenzie's senior pictures. (Even though I rolled my ankle and it felt like it was going to pop off during the session) Thank you Mackenzie for having me take your pictures! Good luck on your Senior year and good luck on your basketball season! 


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Zoë & Luke | Married! It's not everyday that you're asked to travel to Omaha Nebraska to shoot a wedding. But when it does happen, you pack up and take off! Mom and I had the pleasure of going up to Omaha this past weekend to help make the most perfect wedding happen. I don't know how I get so blessed to meet such amazing people! I had never met Zoë and Luke before the day of the wedding. Zoë and I had talked on the phone but that was it. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous! Wedding days can be stressful and I had never met the couple & didn't know anyone there. But the minute I walked through the door to meet Zoë all those worries were put to rest! Everyone was so nice and completely made us feel at home! Thank you to everyone who helped make their day amazing as well as make my job a breeze! It was so great meeting you all! 


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Shelby & Jon | Married!  

As a wedding photographer I see and meet tons of couples. I can honestly say I haven't met many like Shelby and Jon. They are a special type of couple. The kind that can joke and laugh one second and be completely in love and block out the rest of the world around them the next. I had an absolute blast with this couple and their amazing bridal party! They got married on one of the hottest days of the year so far and managed to still make my job a breeze! On top of being an incredible couple, we were at one of the prettiest venues in the area! Chaumette Winery is one unlike many and they are always such a pleasure to work with! Thank you to everyone who helped make my job so easy and thank you to Shelby and Jon for having me as your photographer. Your pictures turned out amazing! I hope you are enjoying your time on the beach! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! 



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A Tribute to My Laptop I was always that kid that kept every single stuffed animal that I ever got. I would keep them and love them and occasionally carry on deep conversations with them. I did this because I just knew that somewhere down deep that small toy had feelings. That it felt the love I had for it. And that it appreciated the company. I have carried this belief into my adult years. I know it sounds weird and maybe I'm a tad bit weird but I don't care. I get oddly attached to everything because of this reason. Logan calls me a hoarder but I think he exaggerates it a little. I write this blog post because for the past month I have been making the very tough decision to either repair my laptop or buy a new one. It has been one that has completely stressed me out. This laptop contains my entire life. After a long talk with my IT guy and the very nice gentleman at Apple I have decided to get a new laptop. (Major props to Apple on being so amazing and basically giving me a brand new laptop completely free! Thats a whole other blog post coming soon!) So now, I sit here, in the dark cuddled with Lola writing what could be the last blog post on this laptop. Now, this is where is might get weird for some of you. Ha! There are very few people that truly understand the job of a photographer. It looks very fun and simple but it is a ton of long hours spent buried in front of a computer screen. Yes, I get to work from home but I spend every day alone. Honestly, it's one of the main reasons I got Lola. Sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day by yourself looking at a computer screen can get tiresome. But, I have grown such a bond with this ole laptop. I got it in May of 2013 for a conference in Nashville and have literally used it everyday since. Literally. This laptop has seen so many things and experienced more than some people. It has seen countless senior sessions, and images of babies being born before the actual parents. It has been with me through my car accident. It was sitting in the front seat and managed to slide under the seat in the wreck. It has had its fair share of puppy snuggles, long nights of insomnia accompanied with Netflix, it has seen coffee spills and tears. My laptop has seen early mornings and late nights. Road trips to out of state weddings. Airplane rides. And more weddings than most people can ever see in a lifetime. It has watched my work and editing come so far from the days when I thought the more saturation the better. This laptop has struggled through double header weddings and overbooked fall months. It has been shoved in tiny closest to help me edit at weddings with no plug ins. It has given me a platform to help spread not only my business but God's love. It has endured so much with me. And in a short time it will no longer be mine. It will get shipped off and repaired and sold to someone else out there needing a trusty companion. It will be given to a kid getting his or her first laptop or a student needing it for college. Wherever it goes I know it will be helping someone out there accomplish their dreams just like it did mine. Thank you, old friend. You did well. 


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Angela & Alex | Engaged! Angela contacted me several months ago inquiring about her wedding. She explained that she and her fiancé were currently living in New York but wanted to have the engagement pictures in St. Louis. She said they would only be here in a few times before their wedding in December. That made me so nervous because of Missouri's unpredictable weather. Luckily, we had some of the greatest, almost fall-like, weather for the engagement session. We shot in Forest Park and the images turned out exactly how I had hoped! I cannot wait for their wedding this winter! It is going to be absolutely gorgeous. Thank you both for being so amazing to work with! 

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Abby & Aaron | Married! I met with Abby and Aaron what feels like years ago to talk and plan their wedding. It is amazing how quickly time flies when you're planning a wedding. I absolutely love this couple. I had the best time with them and their images turned out perfectly. I am also super grateful about how they took that Missouri heat like champs. It was so warm that day but the heat didn't stop them from having the time of their lives. One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is the sunset portraits. Or as Abby liked to call them "magic sun pictures"! These images are nothing less than magical. I love me some soft, summer sunlight. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this special day! It was one for the books!


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Katie & Steven | Married! From the minute I showed up to this wedding to the minute I left I felt completely at home. I didn't feel as if I was showing up for work but more so like I was family helping celebrate a joyous occasion. That's how close knit and welcoming this family is. They completely made me feel as if I was a part of the family. It made the whole day so easy and fun. Katie and Steven are such a happy couple. They fit each other perfectly. They are both on the shy side but when they are together it is like no one else is around. They are in their own worlds. I had such a blast photographing this wedding and not to mention the bridal party! They definitely kept me on my toes! HA! Thank you Katie and Steven for allowing me to help celebrate and capture such an important day in your lives! 


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Michael + Christa | Married Michael and Christa's day was planned to the T. I had met with her days before the wedding and we talked about all the details one last time. I soon realized the day was going to be a breeze. She had everything planned from the flowers arriving to walking into the reception. The wedding took place at the beautiful First Baptist Church in Potosi. There wasn't a single part of the day that left anyone stressed. Their wedding day was truly a happy day for everyone. We managed to dodge raindrops for their portraits but that didn't stop this lovely couple from showing their love. They were both over-the-moon happy to be married to one another. That is what makes my job so rewarding. Being able to photograph a wedding shared by two people in love. Thank you Michael & Christa for having me as your photographer! Your day was truly perfect! 


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The Sweeney Family I don't blog family sessions very often because truthfully family photography isn't one of my most confident areas! I always feel like I could've done better or I could have posed a family differently. My blog is a place that I only want to highlight my very best work. Which is why I feel confident enough to share these images from a previous family session I just did. I had shared some of the images on my Facebook business page but they just look and flow better when they are all together. I have photographed this family many times before and I am never disappointed with the outcome of the images. They are truly a beautiful family and they all never cease to make me laugh! Thank you Sweeney family for being so incredible. I think it was totally worth getting chiggers for these images!


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LP Education: The Power of a Wedding Day Timeline If you're an LP Bride or past bride then you know how much I stress a good timeline! It not only sets the stage for the day but helps everyone stay on the same page and keeps the day moving. On a wedding day I am not only the photographer but help double as the wedding coordinator. It is very important to me to keep a wedding day on time. Now, I realize that it is very rare for a wedding to stay on time throughout the day. I get that. But here are a few tips I give when planning your timeline.


Wedding days are like Christmas. You plan and plan and and re-plan for this one day and then before you know it, it's over. So you want to make sure that everything flows accordingly throughout the day. Like I tell everyone, there are only a few major events of the day but they all take a lot of time. Those are: Getting ready photos (Hair & Makeup, putting on the dress), First Look portraits, Bride & Groom Portraits, Bridal Party Portraits, Wedding Ceremony & Family Formals, and the reception. When you lay it out like so there isn't a whole lot to a wedding day. But, each of those parts require an ample amount of time. For example, I always allow 3 hours for Hair and makeup. That is based on around 5 bridesmaids, bride, and 2 hair dressers. That counts for the start of the first bridesmaids to the time the bride puts on her dress. I also always tell my brides to add just a little extra time with each wedding day event. Things happen throughout the day that are sometimes out of our control. Several years ago I photographed a wedding that was running perfectly on time. We all headed to a family farm to take bridal party portraits when one of the vehicles carrying members of the wedding party broke down. That took 20 extra minutes. But because I had told my bride to allow that extra time in her timeline it didn't set us back.  


Something else to remember when planning out your timeline is ceremony time. A lot of people think that a standard wedding will take 30-45 minutes. This is not the case. Most weddings, unless there are special traditions worked into the ceremony, will only last about 15-20 minutes long. Very rarely have I been to a 30 minute ceremony. If you are having a Catholic wedding with a full mass then you can expect closer to an hour long ceremony. Something else to remember is that most guests will start arriving to the ceremony about 30 minutes before the start time. This is important of you have a summer wedding, or if you have chosen to do a first look. I always allow for about 15 minutes of prep time before the wedding. If you are having a summer wedding then you know how hot Missouri can get. And don't even get me started about the humidity. So I always allow for time before the wedding to freshen up. That also applies if you do a first look. I will be trying to get as many portraits done before the ceremony so we will need to make time for portraits as well as time to get the bride hidden before guests start arriving. 


The reception is that part of the day where everyone can finally breathe. You did it. The bride and groom have successfully said "I do", portraits are done, the bridal party can finally eat, and the parents can finally relax. It is also a part of the day that doesn't get a ton of thought. Having a good DJ is crucial to making a reception flow and stay on time. Most reception halls require the party to end around 10:00pm or 11:00pm. And most receptions start at 6:00 or 7:00pm. Thats only a few hours to do a lot of important events like dinner, toasts, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, and dancing. I tell my brides to allow for about 45 minutes to eat dinner. That is for around 200-250 guests. But here is where it gets tricky. Most couples want to celebrate, kick off their shoes and dance. I get that! Its a special day! The best way to handle the traditional reception usuals are to keep everything close together. And this is where that awesome DJ comes in. When you meet with your DJ tell him/her that you want to do everything back-to-back. For example, as soon as dinner ends, start the toasts. When you finish toasts, immediately start the first dances. Get all of the important events immediately out of the way. The sooner you finish the traditional events the sooner you can start the music! Here is the reason I say this. The more you drag everything out the faster you lose crowd participation. It not only takes longer but it also wastes venue time. There is also nothing more awkward at a reception than dead time where nothing is happening.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives and I want to make sure that it goes smoothly without any problems. A happy timelines leads to a happy bride. And a happy bride makes everything better. I hope this has been helpful for all those struggling to put together the timeline! 

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Taylor & Sam | Engaged! Taylor and Sam are one of those couples that I could have literally taken them anywhere and they would've photographed perfectly! They are both so incredibly photogenic! Taylor came to me after getting engaged and set up this appointment! That was months ago. I can't believe how quickly time is moving. Before I know it I will be writing out their wedding day blog post! How exciting! I am so excited for their upcoming January wedding. From what she has told me it is going to be beautiful. And if they photograph like they did last night the pictures are going to be flawless! Thank you both for being so incredible to work with and going along with my crazy ideas! I had a blast!


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Melissa & Adam | Married! What do I possibly say about Missy and Adam? There aren't many words to describe the type of love they have for each other. When I met with them for their engagement session I began to see but their wedding day told all. They were both so excited to be married to one another. Neither were nervous or anxious but completely filled with pure joy. I remember asking Adam if he was nervous and he replied "Not at all. I'm marrying my beautiful best friend." Missy and Adam were married in the beautiful St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church which was filled with all their closest family and friends. They celebrated their reception at Neo on Locust and they were granted rooftop permission for pictures! I was in photo heaven! I truly can't express how grateful I am to be able to be a part of such a happy day. Thank you both for making me feel so welcome! I wish you all the love and happiness life has to give!

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Bridget & Taylor | Married! As everyone knows the last few weeks have been full of cloudy skies and rainy weather. Last Saturday was the first sunny weekend in the last two weeks and the sunshine was long overdue! Bridget and Taylor literally had the most gorgeous Spring day anyone could ask for. Not a cloud in the sky! I knew as soon as I walked in to meet Bridget that morning their wedding was going to be perfect. And I was right. Everything from the flowers and dresses, to the beautiful church they got married in was flawless! I am so honored to be able to have spent the day capturing their memories together! Thank you Bridget and Taylor for everything!




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Dylan | Potosi High School I can't believe the time has finally come, Dylan is graduating. I have been photographing this kid since he was a freshman. I remember his momma approaching me the summer before he entered high school telling me her idea. She wanted pictures of him all through his high school career. All the football games, basketball games, homecomings, assemblies, and major moments she wanted captured. I was totally on board with the idea. And after all the time, the "cap & gown" shoot finally came. I am so honored to have photographed this kid's past four years. I can honestly say I have gotten to know him and his goof ball personality. I have one last date with you set for graduation night. I will be there to photograph you as you walk across the stage, so don't trip! :)


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Colby | Farmington High School One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is that my job allows me to meet so many amazing people! Every shoot I feel as though I leave with a new friend. Colby's shoot was exactly the same. As soon as I started taking Colby's picture I knew our shoot was going to be flawless. He is such a natural in front of the camera and made my job super easy. Plus, he is just genuinely a nice guy! I had such a great time roaming the streets of Potosi with him and his momma for the session. Thank you Colby for having me take your pictures! They turned out even better than I planned!


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Matthew | West County High School Matthew's mom and I set up his appointment one afternoon about a year ago. Last Wednesday was Matthew's senior session and it also happened to be the week of prom. I spoke back and forth with his mom and we decided that pictures in his tux would be great for pictures. Especially since he got his tux to match his prom date, a beautiful ivory 1968 Mustang. When she told me this I was immediately stoked and started searching for the right place for him and his car. As we were shooting I kept telling him he had a James Bond feel going on! The pictures turned out so amazing and I can't wait to give all the images to him! Here are just a few I chose to blog! 


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