Lyndsey Paige Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lyndsey Paige Photography (Lyndsey Paige Photography) Tue, 19 Jun 2018 20:38:00 GMT Tue, 19 Jun 2018 20:38:00 GMT Lyndsey Paige Photography: Blog 120 120 Loren & A.P. | Married! Where do I even begin? I guess we could start with the fact that these two are perfect for each other. I have known A.P. for years. He basically feels like a brother to me. I didn't know Loren before they got together but during our engagement session I learned something very quickly. I instantly saw the connection these two had. In fact is was blatantly obvious. And the images showed that love. Their wedding day was no different. Yes, it was hot but they didn't seem to care. The only thing they were concerned about was the start to the rest of their lives together. I am so happy for them and so excited to see where life takes them. They deserve one another. They are both some of the most genuine people I have ever met and I wish them both all the love and happiness in the world. Thank you for having me as your photographer.

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Kelsey & Joe | Married! Kelsey and Joe are married! I am beyond excited for these two and their sweet little girl! I remember when Kelsey booked their wedding date and it felt like forever until the day would finally come. Well it came and it was fantastic! Kelsey and Joe's wedding day was so perfect. Everything was so relaxed with them. They were both so ready and happy to finally be getting married! I am so glad I was able to be there and help celebrate such a happy occasion. Kelsey and Joe, you guys are great but I can't lie, your little Jayde is the sweetest ever! Thank you for having me as your photographer!! :)



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Samantha & Dan | Married! Holy moly! This past weekend has been jam packed with two amazing weddings! Samantha and Dan kicked off our double header weekend and my goodness it was perfect! Samantha and Dan are such an amazing couple! I couldn't have asked for a better day with them. Everything was so easy! I love wedding days that leave us feeling like we went and hung out with friends instead of working! And that is exactly how they made us feel! I am so thankful I was able to help share and celebrate such an awesome day! Thank you both for being so incredible and for making the day for mom and I so easy! You guys are the bomb! Have a great time in Jamaica! 


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Midgett Adventures | Washington When Logan married me he knew my schedule. He knew how demanding it could be and how tough it would be. Unfortunately we don't get to see each other very much during the summer. Logan leaves for work at 5:30am and normally gets home around 5:15pm. My sessions in the summer sessions start at 6:00 and usually run until 8:00pm. Logan goes to bed around 8:30. There aren't very many minutes in the day that we get to really see each other so when a weekend opens up you take full advantage. We planned this trip super last within 2 weeks. We wanted to go somewhere we had never been aaannnnnnddd it was my turn to pick the vacation. Logan is a "lets relax and chill and take naps" type of vacationer. I on the other hand am a Go-Go-Go type and that is just what we did. We crammed so much into those 4 days but my goodness it was fun. And yes babe, we will go relax next time! We landed in Seattle that morning and took full advantage. Our number one Seattle priority was the Pike Place Market and it didn't disappoint! Sooooo cool! I had an incredible salmon sandwich that I was going to take a picture of but then I started eating and before I knew it, it was gone! We ordered coffees from the first Starbucks, watched fresh fish being thrown, ate donuts from the Daily Dozen, and even checked out the mildly gross gum wall. But the rest of our trip was focused around that big hill folks like to call Mt. Rainier. On the first day in the park it was super cloudy/foggy. The higher you got the more dense it became. We kept looking for Rainier and it couldn't find it. Everything above 5000ft was still under snow but that didn't stop us. We wanted to explore. I can honestly say that is the first time I have ever hiked in the June. So word to wise, go in THEIR summer months unless you want snow hikes. On the second day we woke up in our tiny, adorable cabin and saw it was super clear. We headed through the park and the first viewpoint we crossed we finally saw this mountain everyone had been talking about. And oh my. I still don't understand how we missed it! Words can't even describe how huge it is. Absolutely incredible. We hiked an 8 mile trail straight up to one of the peaks and again, oh my. Our legs and bodies were not ready for that! Haha! We saw waterfalls, mountain ranges, eagles, blacktail deer, rivers, some of the largest trees you have ever laid eyes on, and ate some of the best food! Another tip: If you love trees like I do, you need to check out The Grove of the Patriarchs. This was definitely a trip I will never forget. I hope you enjoy some of our trip pictures! 


Marriage is helping your husband finish his mac 'n cheese. 


The higher up we got, the less we could see. It was hard to tell where the trail actually was.


I really like ferns. 


This was the first day we were able to see Mt. Rainier. Now I wonder how we ever missed it. Must've been some pretty thick clouds because that's quite the hill. 



You can find more images from our trip through Instagram. You can search the hashtag #midgettsonamountain or #midgettadventures for posts since our wedding! 

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Kristen & Travis | Married! Let me preface this post by saying, I have been visiting Big Cedar Lodge every year since I was a baby so this rustic yet elegant Ozark getaway has a special place in my heart. So when Kristen and Travis hired me as their wedding photographer, I was elated. But then to find the out the big day would be held at the Big Cedar Lodge's Garden Chapel...well I'll admit, I giggled, clapped and jumped around in excitement. I've wanted to shoot a wedding at the Garden Chapel forever. I even took my cousin there once during a visit just to play around and shoot some pictures. The founder of Big Cedar refers to this resort as a place to "restore your soul" so what better venue to begin your married life together? Kristen and Travis had the most perfect day to celebrate their love, surrounded by an intimate gathering of family and friends. They recited their vows in the Garden Chapel and my heart was so full. We then headed to the conference center for the reception where we were able to look over the pristine Table Rock Lake. (And yes, I took full advantage of golden hour over the lake!) Thank you so much Kristen, Travis and your family fir always making me feel welcome, loved, and like part of the family when we are together. The closeness and love you share is so evident and I have no doubt Kristen and Travis will continue that legacy. 

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Nick & Rachael | Married! There are a ton of reasons why I love being a wedding photographer. I could probably dedicate a whole post to it. Most people only attend a handful or so weddings in their entire life. I have had the privilege of attending over 120. With that being said, it's easy to lose sight of why you are there. It would seem as though they would all run together and lose the "spark" of magic. That's far from the truth. I shoot weddings because of what happened this previous week. Yes, I love love love shooting bride and groom portraits, watching the bride walk down the aisle to her anxious groom, fun with bridal parties, but the part that I love just as much as all of that is watching people come together to make a wedding day happen. There are a ton of moving parts to a wedding day. A lot more than normal wedding guests probably see. This past weekend we received a ton of rain. Most of which happened right on Rachael and Nick's wedding day. It put a kink in the day. I will admit it. I was challenged. But the amount of love and support that was shown that day made every drop of rain worth it. When the rain had finally passed everyone kicked it into gear. People were drying off chairs, sweeping standing water, preparing reception tables. It was the truest form of love. Guests were even helping out. That is why I love weddings so much. It is truly a day of love, on every level. Thank you Nick and Rachael for being so incredible and so patient. And thank you to the bridal party for being so awesome to work with! You guys truly were a wedding tribe! I know the rain was a bummer but it made for the most gorgeous evening and brought some beautiful sunshine for you. Thank you. 


This is where we sat for two and a half hours waiting on the storm to pass. These actually turned out to be some favorites.



This was all of our faces when we saw the radar...


And special thanks to the Murphy's at Turkey Holler Bed & Breakfast for being so accommodating! 

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KC & Lindsy | Married! We are well into the 2018 wedding season and each wedding has been incredible! I am sitting here feeling super blessed and honored to be able to work with such amazing couples. The best part is with each wedding I feel like I make a whole new group of friends! And if you know me, I love making new friends! Lindsy and KC's wedding was nothing short of wonderful! Everything from the weather to the cake! (That cake was heavenly. Like legit. I could've eaten the entire cake. And I know wedding cake. It's part of my job.) But I think the best part of the day was being able to photograph KC and Lindsy on the happiest day. They were both so great to work with and I can honestly say I have never had a groom quite like KC! He was a hoot to photograph! Hahaha! Thank you both for having me as your photographer. I had the best time celebrating with you! 


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Katie & Luis | Married I think somewhere it's in a rule book that if you have a wedding on Cinco De Mayo it has to be an amazing time. It has to be out there somewhere because this past weekend was a blast! From start to finish, everything was perfect! It makes "going to work" as a photographer so much better when you get to spend the day with such amazing people that having you literally laughing all day! If you don't know Katie you will be able to tell from the pictures that she has the most amazing, contagious laugh and smile! Katie and Luis's wedding was nothing short of fabuloso! Thank you both for being such rockstars and for having churros and a queso fountain. You made all my dreams come true! Ha! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii! 

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Chelsea & Lance | Married! I had met Chelsea and Lance once before their wedding day. We had met over coffee and discussed the plans of their big day. Right then I knew it was going to be perfect for them! How did I know? They were both so genuinely happy! And that wasn't any different on the wedding day! Chelsea is one of those people who just beam happiness and it shows in these pictures! They were both so happy to be marrying one another. I am so beyond happy for them and this new adventure they're starting called marriage. I know they will be pros! Thank you both for having me as your photographer! It was a joy getting to celebrate with you both!


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Casey & Blake | Married! Casey and Blake. That's a duo that doesn't come along just everyday. These two are best friends, partners in crime, and now husband and wife. As soon as I saw them together Saturday afternoon I knew their marriage would only bring them joy. A lot of couples feel the effects of a wedding day and the stress it can bring. Not them. Casey and her "honey-B" were over the moon excited to finally be hitched. I am going to try and keep this write-up short because I have a ton of images I want to share for ya'll! Casey and Blake, you two are a couple for the books. I wish you both all the love and happiness in the world!

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The West family Where do I even begin? 



A week ago last Friday I got to hang out with the West family. Little did I know it would be the last time I would hang out with Jerry West. Jerry was one of those few people in the world that always seemed to be in a good mood. It's like he just walked around happy about life. I have literally known him my entire life and I can remember at an early age going in to his hardware/lumber store. He was one of Potosi's finest. Everyone knew him. Everyone loved him. He was a joy. Jerry West was a major part of this town. I had the pleasure of taking pictures of him and his wonderful family just 11 days ago. We joked and picked on each other like we always did. Jerry was quite the character. I went on a retreat that following weekend and didn't have access to my phone to find out the terrible news that Jerry had passed. When I first found out I thought it was a cruel joke. I had just spent the afternoon with him less than a week ago. We laughed and joked lightheartedly about each other. I couldn't believe it. But here I am, writing this post. Jerry's passing put into perspective just how short life can be. And how in an instant life can completely turn upside down. Let this be a testament to everyone to live life to the fullest. To love everyone because you never know what each day holds. Jerry may physically be gone but he will forever be a part of this town and everyone who knew him. I can assure you that he will never be forgotten.





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Blayne Andrew Where do I start with this kid? I have been taking his picture for as long as I can remember. He is basically the little brother I never had. I talk to him like a brother, pick on him, I even help make up stories to prove his innocence to his mom when he's done something. When I see Blayne's name on the schedule I know it is going to be a fun shoot filled with adventure. On Blayne shoots I know to wear old clothes because more than likely I'm going to be climbing, crawling, or slinging mud at some point. I love this kid to death and I can't believe he's already turning 9!! 


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Trent & Jessica | Maternity Tuesday blogs are normally weddings and seniors or the occasional personal post. But today is a special day! Today Trent and Jessica are on the blog! Jessica had contacted me back in the fall asking if I did maternity pictures! Well of course! I don't always get to do a ton of maternity sessions but when I do they are so much fun! Especially when goats, chickens, and dogs are involved. Who doesn't love a maternity session with chickens and overalls?! I had such a great time with this awesome couple even though it was pretty chilly that day! Thank you guys for having me document this season of your lives. You are going to be great parents! 


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Brianna & Garth | Married! Brianna and Garth are officially married!  I remember when they first started dating and how perfect I thought they were for each other! And their wedding day wasn't shy of perfect either! It was a beautiful March day spent with all of their closest friends and family! We even managed to get their sweet son Bennett in a few pictures even though he wasn't feeling very well. Nothing makes me happier than seeing two people so happy! I wish you both all the love in the world!  


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Your Bridal Bouquet is Important! I know I sound like a broken record when I say how important the details are. I'm fairly sure I talk about this topic about every few months but I just want to get the point across, details are crucial. Now, I'm not saying it is the main part of your wedding or even that it should be a category that gets the most attention. However, I am saying that it should be something that gets a solid portion of your attention. Here's why: The main reason I stress details is because they play a specific role in creating the feel of a wedding day. They help make a wedding day yours. Details help give the foundation of the theme for the day. Now I know you are probably thinking by this point that I've lost my mind, but it's true! The reason I start every wedding blog with the details is because that helps set the tone for the entire blog. Plus, it is what all wedding magazines/Blogs look for when publishing. I had no idea! When I first started submitting weddings I was shocked at how many images they wanted without faces. I thought that was the whole point?! Magazines ask for 75% details and 25% of the couple. That's how important they are! Now, with this being said I know all those little costs can rack up quickly! I'm not saying you need to blow the budget on details, but if I had to suggest one part that needed the most attention, it would be florals. Your bouquet plays a major role. Think about it, I will photograph that bouquet literally the entire day. Here is an even crazier thought, I see and spend more time with you and your bouquet than your groom! Again, woah. With that being said you want it to be perfect! So do your research! Look up different florists and check out their style. Florists are just like photographers. They all have different styles and techniques for different brides. Figure out who fits you best! Talk with your florist. Communication is key to make sure you are on the same page with designing your dream bouquet. Ask about the different flowers and which can withstand the different weather conditions that each season brings! You don't want summer/fall flowers in your winter bouquet. They won't hold up and wilt quicker. I know this was a long post about flowers and details but again, I wanted to get the point across! So now I present you with a ton of pictures of bouquets! As you will see, there are a ton of different styles, shapes, colors, themes, and each one reflect that couple and their wedding! Choose wisely! Haha! 


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Addi Turns Two! Addi is two!!!! Whatttt? I know I sound like that mom who talks all the time about how it seems like yesterday they were born. Well, it really does feel that way! This kid is something else! I call her the little sour patch baby because literally one minute she's sweet and the next she's sour. She gets her personality from her father! Haha! This shoot was so fun. If you ask her mom she will for sure tell you it was a nightmare. Addi cried for about 78% of the shoot so these are the pictures from the 22%. I can't wait to show her all the screaming outtakes when she's older! 

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Bri & Garth Garth and Brianna have been such good friends of mine growing up so when they announced their engagement I was thrilled! And when they approached me about doing the pictures I was even happier! We set up a date for engagement/family pictures and I was so excited to get to see their sweet baby Bennett. I knew he would do amazing for pictures and he sure didn't disappoint! That little fella is the sweetest baby ever and so happy! We did a few of the pictures at their new house because I felt it was appropriate. They are starting their life together so what better place than the house where it is all beginning in. I am so glad Bri and Garth got such a gorgeous evening for their pictures. A family session just doesn't look the same without that dreamy evening sun. Thank you guys for being so awesome! I can't wait for the wedding! 


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Derek & Sophie | Engaged! Where do I even begin? When I first met them they seemed perfect together, not to mention they make a gorgeous couple! But what makes it even better? They are both the sweetest people ever! I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement session and I had a blast! We spent the entire evening running around in fields and laughing! Derek and Sophie are literally perfect together. They are the perfect match for one another and I feel so blessed to be able to capture their wedding day! I know it will be perfect! Thank you both for having me as your photographer! I can't wait for the big day!



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Tanaya & Kalob | Engaged! I still cannot believe that I am writing this blog post for Tanaya and Kalob. I remember growing up with Tanaya and her older sister Mikayla at daycare. I'm pretty sure I treated her like she was my little sister too! Haha!  It is so amazing how quickly time passes because now she's getting married! I am so excited for the both of them and I know she is going to make a gorgeous bride!  I had the best time with her and Kalob during the engagement session! We had talked and planned for weeks and when the day finally came it was perfect! It happened to be one of the warmest January days we've had and the lighting was perfect! I am so excited for their wedding day and I am so thankful that I get to be a part of it! 



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Lyndsey Paige Photography Workshop 2018 Hello!!! So this isn't going to be a super long blog or a blog filled with beautiful wedding images, but it will have some useful information. If you haven't heard, I have released the date for the next workshop! It is going to be held on Sunday, March 18th at 2:00pm! I am really excited! I was more nervous about the first workshop simply because I didn't know what to expect. I learned a lot from the first workshop and what areas to talk about more than others.

So with that being said I am going to give a little insight on what the first 2018 workshop is going to be about. I am going to talk about everything from camera maintenance to taking a correctly exposed image. This workshop is going to be another beginners class. My goal is for everyone to leave the workshop experimenting with manual mode. You don't have to leave a pro but I want to encourage striving away from Auto mode, or the green box. One of the biggest misconceptions is that Auto mode will handle all lighting situations. Not necessarily. I am going to go over each of the camera modes explain what they are and what they are used for. The workshop timeline will be set up exactly like the previous workshop. Meaning, two hours of teaching and two hours of shooting outside. I am a visual learning and a trial and error learner. One of the best ways to learn photography is getting out and shooting. 

I am hoping to do several workshops this year. I am also considering doing an intermediate workshop that will discuss editing and posing. This idea is still something I am considering. My first goal and main priority is to teach more people about their camera and how to take correctly exposed pictures. I want everyone to feel comfortable in manual modes and to be able to handle harsh lighting situations. So often cameras are gifted for birthdays and Christmases but then never used because they don't have time to sit down and learn it. Thats where I come in! I want to show the ins-and-outs and give a basic understanding of your camera. 

One more thing! I had also mentioned doing a kids beginner photography class and it got a ton of positive feedback! Basically, it would be a workshop set up just like the adults. It would be from ages 8-13 and we would go over simple steps from handling a camera to composition and exposure. It would be halved into two parts: a learning/teaching portion and a shooting portion. Photography is a super cool thing and can be more than a hobby. I shot my first wedding at 15 and would have loved to take a class about the simple basics of the art. Again, this is something I am working on and will hopefully look into setting a date in the near future. 

As for the March workshop: Registration opens on FEBRUARY 1ST at 10:00am! I am going to be taking 10 attendees. The workshop will be $65.00 and it will start at 2:00pm on the 18th and end at 6:00pm. It will be first come first serve so mark your calendars! Thank you again and if you have any questions please feel free to email me! 

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