Kayla & Wade

July 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I can’t wait until Kayla and Wade’s wedding in September.  They are the sweetest couple and so in love!  Their country wedding is going to be so much fun and gorgeous.  Can you tell I love to photograph couples??  <3

Wade &amp; Kayla-18 Wade &amp; Kayla-39 Wade &amp; Kayla-36 Wade &amp; Kayla-35 Wade &amp; Kayla-33 Wade &amp; Kayla-32 Wade &amp; Kayla-31 Wade &amp; Kayla-30 Wade &amp; Kayla-28 Wade &amp; Kayla Wade &amp; Kayla-24 Wade &amp; Kayla-27 Wade &amp; Kayla-23 Wade &amp; Kayla-38 Wade &amp; Kayla-26 Wade &amp; Kayla-19 Wade &amp; Kayla-25 Wade &amp; Kayla-10 Wade &amp; Kayla-9 Wade &amp; Kayla-15 Wade &amp; Kayla-3 Wade &amp; Kayla-5 Wade &amp; Kayla-6 Wade &amp; Kayla-7 Wade &amp; Kayla-14 Wade &amp; Kayla-13 Wade &amp; Kayla-4 Wade &amp; Kayla-34 Wade &amp; Kayla-40


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