More About the Girl behind Lyndsey Paige Photography….Part II

August 13, 2014  •  1 Comment
LPP has been busy - very busy.  But for that I am truly thankful!  Some days though, a girl just needs some down time, time to relax, reflect, not think, recharge and just "be."  This means no cell phone, no texts, e-mails - just a time to be completely unplugged.  Now for some girls, that place is the mall, beauty salon, maybe some new outfits and a mani/pedi, eyebrows and lunch with the girls.  For others, they may love to escape to the movies to shut the world out for a couple of hours.   Now don't get me wrong because I LOVE all of that too.  But for me, the best place for me to just re-charge is outside.  So, with a sleepy mom accompanying me, I headed out before daylight to my newest hobby - trout fishing.  Along the river at daylight is about one of the most serene places I've found.  There's an unspoken code among the fishermen.  Voices are kept low, movement is graceful and respect for nature is evident as fishermen line the banks and wait for the whistle to blow.  When you're standing in the cold, spring fed river on a beautiful sunny morning, you can truly appreciate the marvel of God's creation.  I'm not that good yet, but I love it.  There's something about the whole sport that just intrigues me.  So on this particular morning I took some time to re-charge my inner battery.  But of course,  in doing so,  I brought my camera along.  I mean, come on.  I'm still a photographer before a fisherman.  I hope you enjoy a little peek of my morning.
Advice from a trout.
"Show your true colors.
Be a good catch.
Don't be lured by shiny objects
Scale back.
Cherish clean water.
Know when to keep your mouth shut.
Don't give up without a fight."



Lynds I love it♡
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