My Last Blog as a Portell

September 11, 2015  •  6 Comments

This isn't going to be a super long blog but I wanted to dedicate one to today. Tomorrow I will be getting married to my best friend and I am beyond excited! I can honestly say that there isn't one part of me that isn't ready to walk down that isle. Logan is my best friend and I have waited my whole life to marry that special person. I think one of the reasons I am so happy and excited is because I know without a doubt that I love Logan. I know this because I have been shown the greatest example of a beautiful marriage from my Mom and Dad. They having unknowingly taught me so much on how to love one another and how to love God as the center of a marriage. So I want to thank my parents. Thank you for everything. I know that is vague but this blog couldn't hold all the words that it would take to thank you. I love you both so much!

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Kevin Eubanks(non-registered)
Congratulations! When that special someone comes along, you just know. I knew that with Debbie, but I waited 3 months to tell her! She's definitely my hearts desire and you sound like you've found that, too! Good luck and may you be this happy the rest of your days.
Rhonda Reed(non-registered)
Best gift of all the love your parents have showed you. I pray God will Bless your day and all the days ahead.
Laura Newhouse(non-registered)
Yeah!!! Congrats in advance!!!
lisa nicholson(non-registered)
Lynds always keep God as your focus. There will be days of pure bliss and there will be hellacious storms! Remember it's much easier to give it all up than to fight but with God as your main focus you can do all things and it's so worth it! We are on our 20th year and I wouldn't change a thing. I wish you many, many blessings
Penny Tinsley(non-registered)
Lyndsey I'm sure you will be a beautiful bride and Logan a very handsome groom. I pray you two have a blessed marriage. Enjoy tomorrow to its fullest! Congratulations!!!
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