Lp Education: Choosing Your Bridesmaids...Wisely

November 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I sure did and I also know that I ate wayyy too much! I decided to post another education blog because it has been a while since my last one on first looks! If you missed out on that post click here! This week I want to talk about the task of choosing your bridesmaids. This is one of the first things to happen in the wedding planning process. Or it was for me at least! I was so excited to have the girls that I have known all my life standing next to me on the happiest day ever! Now for some, selecting your bridesmaids is easy but for others it may be tough. I have been to nearly 100 weddings in my career and have seen all different types of bridesmaids as well as numbers. Some brides prefer to only have 3 bridesmaids while others want 17. ( That is a true number of ladies by the way!) I have seen "Bride Tribes" and sorority sisters. Either way, you need to choose them wisely. I can be the first to tell you that weddings are super chaotic. I have been to only a handful that have actually been on time. You need to have bridesmaids that can take on the challenge. I have been a bridesmaid and witnessed the normal jobs that arise on a wedding day. Bridesmaids are in charge of holding bouquets, fluffing dresses, serving champagne, fixing minor details like twisted necklaces, feeding the bride, and taking care of problems that happen throughout the day without letting the bride find out. You need to select people who can take on this task. You need to have girls that can make the day about you and not themselves and their schedule. This is your big day! You need the biggest support team ever to make it extra special. Now, I'm not saying that you need to interview each of your friends to see who gets the honor but you do need to choose wisely. Think about how each of them would react in a stressful situation and think about how they would handle it. I had the best girls on my wedding day that literally took care of everything for me! Like I said, this is your wedding day. This is the day you have been planning for what seems like years. This is the day you marry the man of your dreams, so make sure you have the best of the best to be there with you! 



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