Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours!

December 27, 2016  •  3 Comments

Every year Christmas is held at one of three houses. Either my mom's, Carol's (Gram), or Julie's house. This year it was held at Gram's house! About a month ago mom texted me with an idea about doing some family pictures. It was a great idea! Kelsey was home from college and it has been forever since we all got together and took pictures! So we all set the time and formed a plan. We decided that we wanted to use my Grandpa's 1938 Chevy for the pictures because for one it's beautiful and also because it makes for the perfect Christmas prop! We also decided to have a little fun and use some of Gram's vintage furs. Us girls have never had our picture taken before. We were way over due for a photoshoot! I'd say Logan did a pretty awesome job! I wanted to blog this because this is what the holidays are about. Being with family. We don't all get together very often so when we do its a celebration! We hugged, sang, and laughed until our belly's ached! I couldn't not share these pictures and a little insight on our Christmas. I love all these people so very much and I am so blessed to be able to call them family. 



Larry Tinker(non-registered)
The pictures are great of a great family and our old friends!
Pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Linda Fenstermaker(non-registered)
Love,love,love your family and the pictures are wonderful! Fur coats and fur babies just great!
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