The Adventures of Lyndsey + Jana

December 13, 2016  •  2 Comments

As some of you may already know I attended a workshop in Charleston last year in November. I went and absolutely fell in love with the city! It is certainly true when they say "big city with a small town feel". I fell in love with the history, the buildings and architecture, the people, and of course their amazing trees. While I was at the conference I didn't get much time to actually explore the city and take my time seeing all the "touristy" spots. I remember calling mom one night from the hotel telling her about how amazing this town was and how we needed to come back together. Well, flash forward a year and here we are! Mom doesn't accept payment from me during weddings and in return she ask that I buy her things. Ha! I'm totally kidding! Early this past Spring I decided to book a trip and surprise her. I knew it was going to be a long wedding season and I wanted to give her a little "Merry Christmas/thank you for helping me/putting up with me" trip. We had the absolute best time! I think what made it so great was that we had no game plan for the entire trip. We had decided on a few things to see but for the most part we flew where the wind took us! My biggest thing was seeing the Angel Oak tree on John's Island! If you ever get the chance to go to Charleston it is a MUST SEE! I will talk a little more about that further down. I wanted to share this trip because the scenery is just to die. Plus, every place we went we were walking onto the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie! We both had an amazing time during our little mini vacation and I hope you enjoy this post! 


This is the Angel Oak tree. It is believed to be over 1500 years old and still growing. When we pulled up there was a peaceful silence surrounding this tree. On the surrounding trees there were birds and squirrels mingling around but everything left the Angel Oak alone. Almost as a sign of respect. People had said there was an energy there on those ground but I didn't really believe it until I actually felt it. It is so real! You can just feel the wisdom on those branches. Mom and I did a little history research about this tree and we found that back years and years ago when this tree was just a normal looking tree is was deemed special. The indians buried their loved ones under this tree. It is literally feeding off that life and energy. Seriously so incredible! 






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Love your posts and amazing pics! You are truly blessed with a gift!
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