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A Tribute to My Laptop

July 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was always that kid that kept every single stuffed animal that I ever got. I would keep them and love them and occasionally carry on deep conversations with them. I did this because I just knew that somewhere down deep that small toy had feelings. That it felt the love I had for it. And that it appreciated the company. I have carried this belief into my adult years. I know it sounds weird and maybe I'm a tad bit weird but I don't care. I get oddly attached to everything because of this reason. Logan calls me a hoarder but I think he exaggerates it a little. I write this blog post because for the past month I have been making the very tough decision to either repair my laptop or buy a new one. It has been one that has completely stressed me out. This laptop contains my entire life. After a long talk with my IT guy and the very nice gentleman at Apple I have decided to get a new laptop. (Major props to Apple on being so amazing and basically giving me a brand new laptop completely free! Thats a whole other blog post coming soon!) So now, I sit here, in the dark cuddled with Lola writing what could be the last blog post on this laptop. Now, this is where is might get weird for some of you. Ha! There are very few people that truly understand the job of a photographer. It looks very fun and simple but it is a ton of long hours spent buried in front of a computer screen. Yes, I get to work from home but I spend every day alone. Honestly, it's one of the main reasons I got Lola. Sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day by yourself looking at a computer screen can get tiresome. But, I have grown such a bond with this ole laptop. I got it in May of 2013 for a conference in Nashville and have literally used it everyday since. Literally. This laptop has seen so many things and experienced more than some people. It has seen countless senior sessions, and images of babies being born before the actual parents. It has been with me through my car accident. It was sitting in the front seat and managed to slide under the seat in the wreck. It has had its fair share of puppy snuggles, long nights of insomnia accompanied with Netflix, it has seen coffee spills and tears. My laptop has seen early mornings and late nights. Road trips to out of state weddings. Airplane rides. And more weddings than most people can ever see in a lifetime. It has watched my work and editing come so far from the days when I thought the more saturation the better. This laptop has struggled through double header weddings and overbooked fall months. It has been shoved in tiny closest to help me edit at weddings with no plug ins. It has given me a platform to help spread not only my business but God's love. It has endured so much with me. And in a short time it will no longer be mine. It will get shipped off and repaired and sold to someone else out there needing a trusty companion. It will be given to a kid getting his or her first laptop or a student needing it for college. Wherever it goes I know it will be helping someone out there accomplish their dreams just like it did mine. Thank you, old friend. You did well. 


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