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A Look Back at 2017

January 16, 2018  •  1 Comment

I guess I am a little late since were already well into January but I'm going to post anyway! Every year I try to blog some of my favorite wedding images of the year. Well this year I am going to mix it up a little and blog some behind-the-scenes shots as well. Now, I am just going to warn you that I have some of the worst action faces you'll ever see. There are closed eyes and double chins galore! But they're flippin' hilarious and deserved to be shared with the world! I had such an amazing 2017 wedding season filled with so many amazing couples. By the end of the upcoming 2018 season I will have photographed 130 weddings. That is crazy to think about. I have spent over 100 Saturday's with couples, some of which I have never met before the wedding day. I have made friends in other states, bonded with vendors, and met some of the most amazing families. I love meeting new people so I'm definitely in the right line of work. I always tell people I'm like a golden retriever, once we meet were best friends for life! And through this industry I have made friends all over the country! I feel so blessed looking back over these images and how far I have come since that first wedding. (Also, you're going to see a theme with trees. I love me some old trees!)  Each wedding I learn something new and I cannot wait for the upcoming 2018 season. It is going to be filled with such amazing weddings and beautiful couples! So enjoy some beautiful images with a few embarrassing ones of me thrown in there!  















This is honestly the ugliest face I think I have ever made. So, you're welcome.


Details, details, and more details!


I absolutely love this couple and they're the sweetest people on the Earth but the best part about this picture is the dude in the hat. Ha!


When a 2016 bride and her bridesmaids attend a current bride's wedding, you get a group picture! Love these people! 

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This is a picture of me being overly enthusiastic and coming off as a little creepy. I told you I have bad action faces. It was a fair warning.


And this is a picture of me thinking about how I am going to get all 375,583 bugs out of her dress.


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My eyeliner held up real well.



I never realized how large and in charge that bun was. A small animal could totally have lived in that.





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