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Your Bridal Bouquet is Important!

February 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I know I sound like a broken record when I say how important the details are. I'm fairly sure I talk about this topic about every few months but I just want to get the point across, details are crucial. Now, I'm not saying it is the main part of your wedding or even that it should be a category that gets the most attention. However, I am saying that it should be something that gets a solid portion of your attention. Here's why: The main reason I stress details is because they play a specific role in creating the feel of a wedding day. They help make a wedding day yours. Details help give the foundation of the theme for the day. Now I know you are probably thinking by this point that I've lost my mind, but it's true! The reason I start every wedding blog with the details is because that helps set the tone for the entire blog. Plus, it is what all wedding magazines/Blogs look for when publishing. I had no idea! When I first started submitting weddings I was shocked at how many images they wanted without faces. I thought that was the whole point?! Magazines ask for 75% details and 25% of the couple. That's how important they are! Now, with this being said I know all those little costs can rack up quickly! I'm not saying you need to blow the budget on details, but if I had to suggest one part that needed the most attention, it would be florals. Your bouquet plays a major role. Think about it, I will photograph that bouquet literally the entire day. Here is an even crazier thought, I see and spend more time with you and your bouquet than your groom! Again, woah. With that being said you want it to be perfect! So do your research! Look up different florists and check out their style. Florists are just like photographers. They all have different styles and techniques for different brides. Figure out who fits you best! Talk with your florist. Communication is key to make sure you are on the same page with designing your dream bouquet. Ask about the different flowers and which can withstand the different weather conditions that each season brings! You don't want summer/fall flowers in your winter bouquet. They won't hold up and wilt quicker. I know this was a long post about flowers and details but again, I wanted to get the point across! So now I present you with a ton of pictures of bouquets! As you will see, there are a ton of different styles, shapes, colors, themes, and each one reflect that couple and their wedding! Choose wisely! Haha! 



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