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The West family

April 10, 2018  •  6 Comments

Where do I even begin? 



A week ago last Friday I got to hang out with the West family. Little did I know it would be the last time I would hang out with Jerry West. Jerry was one of those few people in the world that always seemed to be in a good mood. It's like he just walked around happy about life. I have literally known him my entire life and I can remember at an early age going in to his hardware/lumber store. He was one of Potosi's finest. Everyone knew him. Everyone loved him. He was a joy. Jerry West was a major part of this town. I had the pleasure of taking pictures of him and his wonderful family just 11 days ago. We joked and picked on each other like we always did. Jerry was quite the character. I went on a retreat that following weekend and didn't have access to my phone to find out the terrible news that Jerry had passed. When I first found out I thought it was a cruel joke. I had just spent the afternoon with him less than a week ago. We laughed and joked lightheartedly about each other. I couldn't believe it. But here I am, writing this post. Jerry's passing put into perspective just how short life can be. And how in an instant life can completely turn upside down. Let this be a testament to everyone to live life to the fullest. To love everyone because you never know what each day holds. Jerry may physically be gone but he will forever be a part of this town and everyone who knew him. I can assure you that he will never be forgotten.






Tammy Portell Fountaine(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures. You captured the memories that we will and Brenda n the kids will never forget. Gerry will never be forgotten he was loved by all. Thoughts n prayers to Brenda n family.
Chris Adams(non-registered)
Wow!!! I love the pictures... The love just shows in their pictures.... I know very well how life can change in blink of and eye!! Forgive always, love with all your heart and live life to the fullest!!! Jerry West you will never be forgotten and thank you for always being such a wonderful person and memory!!!!
Sandy Skiles(non-registered)
It still seems so unreal. So glad you got these moments captured. Life is truly short and each day a gift.
Ruth Ann Hill(non-registered)
What a beautiful family! Jerry was such a good man.
My prayers go out to his family. Lovely photos!
Debbie Koch(non-registered)
Wow those pictures are priceless. Hope they bring some comfort to Brenda and the family of Jerry in the days ahead and help them through this.
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