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Nick & Rachael | Married!

May 22, 2018  •  1 Comment

There are a ton of reasons why I love being a wedding photographer. I could probably dedicate a whole post to it. Most people only attend a handful or so weddings in their entire life. I have had the privilege of attending over 120. With that being said, it's easy to lose sight of why you are there. It would seem as though they would all run together and lose the "spark" of magic. That's far from the truth. I shoot weddings because of what happened this previous week. Yes, I love love love shooting bride and groom portraits, watching the bride walk down the aisle to her anxious groom, fun with bridal parties, but the part that I love just as much as all of that is watching people come together to make a wedding day happen. There are a ton of moving parts to a wedding day. A lot more than normal wedding guests probably see. This past weekend we received a ton of rain. Most of which happened right on Rachael and Nick's wedding day. It put a kink in the day. I will admit it. I was challenged. But the amount of love and support that was shown that day made every drop of rain worth it. When the rain had finally passed everyone kicked it into gear. People were drying off chairs, sweeping standing water, preparing reception tables. It was the truest form of love. Guests were even helping out. That is why I love weddings so much. It is truly a day of love, on every level. Thank you Nick and Rachael for being so incredible and so patient. And thank you to the bridal party for being so awesome to work with! You guys truly were a wedding tribe! I know the rain was a bummer but it made for the most gorgeous evening and brought some beautiful sunshine for you. Thank you. 


This is where we sat for two and a half hours waiting on the storm to pass. These actually turned out to be some favorites.



This was all of our faces when we saw the radar...


And special thanks to the Murphy's at Turkey Holler Bed & Breakfast for being so accommodating! 


Teresa Barnhouse(non-registered)
Stunning pics for the Bride & Groom to cherish for years to come. You’re an amazing photographer. Great job!!!
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