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Jennifer + Renan | Married!

July 03, 2018  •  1 Comment

Well, I know what you are all thinking. She's blogging another wedding and she's going to go on and on about how perfect they were. Well... you're right! I am so lucky! Never a bridezilla, never a bad day, just beautiful couples, sweet families and gorgeous venues! My job is amazing ya'll! Let me just say, when I met Jennifer and Renan, I immediately fell in love with them!  I can't lie, Renan's velvet blazer that he wore during the engagement session hooked me and still has a special place in my heart. Haha! Here's a little background on this couple. Renan is originally from Brazil and his family and friends traveled miles and miles (from Spain and Brazil) to attend the wedding. And Jennifer had family all the way from California. Now that is some love! Some of Renan's family and friends didn't speak fluent English, but it literally didn't matter. Because love, compassion and devotion speaks all languages. These people LOVE this couple and their smiles, hugs, and sweet gestures proved it over and over! This couple chose Chaumette for their venue so that always makes for a wonderful wedding day! Jennifer and Renan had the most perfect, sweet, and intimate ceremony in the chapel at Chaumette, complete with a string quartet. (More of the couple's friends!) They ended the day dancing the night away and I don't know if I have ever been to a reception where every table was emptied to get on the dance floor. Thank you to Jennifer and Renan for choosing me as your photographer. Also, a huge thank you to each of your families for making me literally feel like part of the family! 



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Amazing pictures of an amazing day! You are a true artist Lyndsey.
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