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I am so glad you stopped by.  My name is Lyndsey Midgett and I'm a photographer specializing in weddings and engagements.  One of the great loves of my life is photography. To have the opportunity to photograph a couple on their wedding day is one of my greatest joys.  I'm an extrovert and I can't wait to meet new clients.  I take my business very serious and take great pride in giving you 100% of my time, focus and energy.  I also make it a priority to continue to educate myself, learn and grow so I can be the best photographer for you.

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I was born and raised in a rural area, south of St. Louis, MO and grew up on a farm with my parents.  I'm a lover of coffee, animals, obsessed with succulents and collect vintage cameras.  I take great pleasure in the simple things, like a good thunderstorm, baking a cake, planting flowers or sitting around a fire pit late at night with friends.   

I hope you will take a look at my pictures, check out my blog and contact me if you like what you see.  I would love to sit down over coffee and discuss working with you for your wedding or other type of session.  Thanks so much or taking time out of your day to visit my website.  I look forward to hearing from you.